The Body Alive

How can we live fully in our body?

We need to fully live in our bodies to engage and listen with our senses.  Many people walk around with a sense of disconnect with their bodies and then wonder why pain arises in them.  This body we all have is our closest companion during our lifetime and the least important in our daily awareness.  Do you sense and listen to the signals your body is giving you?  Your body contracts when it perceives danger (real or mental), it gives you sensations when your mind, heart and gut are not in alignment towards a specific action to take, and it gives you a sense of relaxation when you stop worrying.

How can we live fully in our body? We have a life force that flows through us, it makes our heart beat and our cells function with no conscious attention from us, it’s truly a miracle!  However, we step into action most of the time in reaction to our thoughts and beliefs which makes our body contract.  Action that comes from a reaction is what causes our stress.  When this stress is long lived is when it can possibly turn into dis-ease.

 Our response to our daily life situations is dependent on our perception of past experiences or future projections, and most of the time is fear based. Fear is an innate response we have for protection, and for many it’s not a real danger, but a perceived reference from lived experiences or future projections.  At the other hand, if our response can be one of ground and center with a clear mind in the present moment, our body will not react and instead it will cooperate with certainty which in turn supports the body’s innate self-healing mechanism.  The body’s innate capacity to heal itself is possible when we have embodied continuous practice of awareness with acceptance of what is in your daily living situations.

What practices can we put in action that will support and teach us to have an embodied presence?

  • AWARENESS  by listening to signals from body.  Bring attention to your breathing. Being with what is in the present moment.
  • ACCEPTANCE – knowing that what is happening is only now and not permanent.  Change is constant and unavoidable and the choices you make can be life affirming or life negating, you have a choice!
  • ACTION – listen to your gut and follow your heart, then you can reason with your mind.  Take action from a centered place.
  • PRACTICE – develop a daily practice of all of the above and most of all listen to the innate flow of your true nature that is vibrant and whole. Practice meaningful connections with self and others, and trust your thinking to be clear and discerning.  Trust the wisdom of your body and take effective action that supports the good of all.

Embodiment, living in our bodies, is where we begin to experience the beauty and richness of life through us.  Here, we begin to embrace our wholeness, including those parts in us that we don’t like or are not functioning so well.  In this place of embodied aliveness we begin to love the process of being human.