Contemplative Self-Inquiry


Question the thoughts that cause fear and suffering


Learn the practice of self-inquiry

Individual and group sessions available via phone, in person, or skype

  •  Session time is from 60-90 minutes max.
  • Introductory first time session fee is available.
  • Special session packages available after first session.


Self-Inquiry is a practice of identifying and questioning stressful thoughts that cause fear and suffering. The result is clear seeing of reality, what is in the moment beyond concepts or perceptions from past experience and future projections.

“I’ve used Byron Katie’s “The Work” independently in the past, to help move through issues in my life. Recently, however, some big life stresses hit, and the technique didn’t seem to be working. I needed help and called Madelin. She is an excellent facilitator. She helped me go deeper and reach more clarity than I ever could on my own. My ego was no match for her calm presence. The best part is that the issue we worked on simply resolved after our session, not to reappear again. That’s what I love about this technique. It’s so efficient and effective, especially with an experienced facilitator. I would definitely recommend Madelin to others and plan to seek her help in the future whenever I’m struggling.”


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The Work of Byron Katie - "The Work"

Who would you be without your story?

The Work is available for FREE at link for “The Work” website below.

Web-DSC_0516-copyDuring my mid-life clarity in 2007, the book “Loving What is” by Byron Katie, stood out on the shelf at bookstore. It called to me and I couldn’t put it down. I was going through a time of great inner tension not knowing why because my life on the surface seemed to be fine. I searched the internet for Byron Katie’s website, and found her nine day school, registered and immersed myself in self-inquiry. “The Work” changed my world.

I continue doing “self-inquiry work” with an open state of mind which allows me to experience appreciation and love towards myself and others. Practicing self-inquiry has shown me to be fearless. By examining many formerly held beliefs I evolved to living with an open mind and heart. When fear and resistance come up I now use self-inquiry to meet it with understanding and love. I invite you to not believe what I say, but to see for yourself the power of Self-Inquiry.

I look forward to sharing this way I found to awaken peace and love within.

“Stress surfaces in our body when the present moment is met with resistance.”

If you’re ready to change your world let’s talk!  ~ In Love, Madelin