Relaxation and Abdominal Massage

A Natural Solution for Digestive Health


Do you often feel stomach upset, acid reflux, or a feeling of a “knot in your stomach” from chronic stress? Receiving a massage helps increase a parasympathetic relaxation response in your nervous system, which indirectly affects your digestive system back to normal function. Deep relaxation combined with abdominal massage will help reduce your common digestive symptoms by increasing communication and flow to and from all the body systems.

Reduce Stress and Increase Self-Care

A busy lifestyle with no time to rest may lead to burnout and depleted vital energy. This feeling of tiredness and mental stress may activate abdominal discomfort like gas, indigestion, “knots”, and constipation, and if prolonged, these symptoms may turn into chronic digestive health issues. Taking time to rest will help repair your digestive health and organ function. Some useful daily practices like yoga, awareness of breath, exercise, and massage can support your distress issues affecting your digestive system.

Abdominal Massage can Increase Intestinal Flow and Function

Gentle pressure with circular moves in the abdomen in a clockwise flow stimulates organ blood and lymph circulation. Abdominal Massage has been proven to be effective in the management of constipation. Results from studies demonstrated that it could stimulate peristalsis, decrease colonic transit time, increase the frequency of bowel movements in constipated patients, and decrease the feelings of discomfort and pain caused by it. This type of massage may also help abdominal distention, gas, and other distressful symptoms in your digestive system.

Consider the following as daily practice to help increase your overall digestive health:

  • Adequate fluid intake to maintain good hydration to organs and tissue
  • Whole foods diet to assure sufficient daily fiber intake
  • Mindful eating, chewing your food well
  • Adequate daily exercise to stimulate the bodily function
  • Rest and Mediation practice
  • Self-care abdominal massage
  • Restful sleep to restore and repair

Abdominal massage and relaxation seem to be effective in increasing overall gut health. Most digestive problems can be improved when mental stress is decreased and a sense of well-being is present.

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