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An invitation to discover how I can support you in your health and healing needs.  I can also refer you to someone that might be best for you, if I feel that’s in your best interest!

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About One-on-One Sessions

 One-on-One distant health & healing sessions are powerful yet gentle, and are suitable for anyone that is looking to understand and transform the WHY behind their symptoms.
Sessions are personalized and involve unwinding the impact of stressors, and other health challenges you may be experiencing today. All treatments are done safely and effectively in a distance session format. 
The benefits of a session can sometimes be felt right away.
These sessions can be effective with the following:
  • anxiety, overwhelm, unhappy feelings
  • physical symptoms, aches & pain
  • and other mind-body challenges due to stress

Become more self-aware and embody presence


Explore mental/emotional concerns: anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm


Find the WHY behind physical discomfort, pain or symptoms


And more!


Embody a new way of being


The Stress Effect on Health
Your autonomic (like digestion, heart rate, breathing) nervous system has two modes – a gas pedal and a brake. Like your car, you can’t simultaneously drive it in both modes. You either have the gas pedal on and are in sympathetic (aka stress) mode, or, you have the brakes on and are in relaxation (parasympathetic) mode. Science tells us that 100% of healing and rejuvenation happens in relaxation mode (so let’s do the math here: 0% of healing happens when we’re stressed!). So anything that gets you to relaxation mode boosts the body’s natural ability to heal – anything! So, yes, these therapies help reset the nervous system to a parasympathetic (relax) state!
Bodymind Communication

Every single cell, atom, and system is in constant communication with every other cell, atom and system within the bodymind complex at all times. This includes communication through the nervous system. The stress we experience in our daily life can cause these circuits to become compromised, weakening or disrupting the communication between the cells and systems. Reducing our stress response helps to restore our body-mind communication.

Working through the body

The body has been shaped by our history, stories, and somatic practices enables us to embody new skills, and new ways of being that expresses a “new shape” allowing us to be more present, open, and connected with ourselves and others.

“All the situations in our life that we call stressful, difficult, or challenging, are actually signposts for our growth."

– Thomas Hubl

““Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

– Alber Einstein

"The essence of trauma is a disconnect from the self. Therefore the essence of healing is not just uncovering one's past, but reconnecting with oneself in the present."

– Gabor Mate

“The body is the medium of exchange with this field of awareness we call life. The body is life.”

-Richard Strozzi-Heckler

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