Bodywork Therapy

It is my intention to support you in each session with a heart-centered presence to apply my skills to the best of my ability for your health need. I look forward to supporting you!

What Madelin’s Clients Are Saying:


“Madelin has been my family’s MT for 20 years, and we absolutely adore her! Her sessions free us from physical pain but it does a lot for the spirit. She has a gentle but firm touch and always knows what our bodies need. We don’t know what we would do without her healing touch.”
Mariela Ananda

“Madelin is the most innovative and unique bodywork specialist I have worked with. She is intuitive and spirited, and her bodywork has positively impacted my mind, body and spirit. As she works, it is obvious in her connection to a Higher Source. Her work has changed my experience and view of bodywork.”
J. Escalante

“Madelin’s amazing abdominal massage techniques have provided great relief to my aggravated Hiatal Hernia and other abdominal pain symptoms. The techniques and breathing exercises she shares with me have made a significant impact upon my health, and I appreciate her continuing care.”
Beth Brannan

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of receiving a massage?

Most people today live a fast paced lifestyle, and it mostly affects the nervous system.  A bodywork session is the most efficient therapy that can provide you with a relaxation response.  It can provide you with an overall sense of well-being, and an overall balance of all the systems in your body. Bodywork just really makes you feel good in your body!



Which massage is best and for how long?
I offer different types of massages, and you can choose one according to your present health needs.  You can read descriptions of each of these, or contact me for a consultation.

The length of time is up to you and your budget, but the most beneficial amount of time for a relaxation response is 60 min.  A 90 min. session is also common, especially for those that want more relaxation time for their health need.  A 30 min. session is common for working on a specific area of the body; more time is needed for a full body session.


Need the Benefit of Bodywork for health?

Please let me know if I can support you with any of my services or if you have any questions.

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