Emotional Medicine Therapy

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Emotional Medicine Therapy

Healing Sessions

(FREE- by appointment only)

by Madelin Semper

Boone Integrative Massage

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 Emotional Medicine Therapy technique sessions, approximately 10 minutes each*


Emotional Medicine Therapy


How does it work? Our cells are born perfect and healthy; but because of the stress in which we live and the lack of LOVE they start degenerating and die, this leads to illnesses, anxiety, depression, etc.

The basis of all Emotional Medicine Therapies is the intention of transmitting healing, a special emotion of love, that our cells perceive achieving Cellular Regeneration.


Cellular Regeneration is the intention to help others through a gentle soft stimulation of the nervous system by massaging the back, spine, and palms of hands.

Cellular Expression Technique reorganizes metabolic energy through a soft touch on the body’s energy centers promoting optimal energetic function that gives a state of wellbeing and feeling of peace. Through this, any suffering, discomfort, illness or pain is treated directly.

RM Therapy is done without touching the person. It is a connection and fusion of life energy that stimulates the hypothalamus creating a reaction within the cells through the bloodstream. This transmits peace to the illness giving strength to help heal.

Through these techniques, we can achieve a great improvement in the physical and emotional health that can be felt immediately.

The therapies last approximately 10 minutes and are given by trained volunteers without any cost.

* No purchase is required * Nothing to ingest * Does not contradict treatments or medicines