BodyIntuitive is a cutting-edge, science-based, intuitive mind-body medicine system that decodes and taps into the body’s wisdom to access and resolve the crucial stories behind symptoms and disease.  It gets to the WHY so that the body can then heal itself.
This powerful and effective mind-body medicine system uses a structured road mad that is science-based using neuromuscular biofeedback muscle test to get to the root cause of the symptoms, the WHY behind the stories that cause the energetic pathways of the main body systems to go out of balance.
This WHY is the cause behind your back pain, anxiety, food intolerances, headaches, stress, and more due to lifestyle factors that have imprinted your DNA…maybe a combination of many factors and the body-mind system has the answers.
Your body has untapped healing capabilities and information.  It remembers every event and experience you’ve ever had in the database of immune cells, organs, tissues, emotional trauma.  It knows the sequence of your genes, it knows how to heal and shift to promote health in you, and that’s why during a session the focus is to ask this innate wisdom of your body-mind what is the story behind the symptom, the WHY.

Schedule a session today and let’s ask the innate wisdom of your mind-body what needs balancing.


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