Find the WHY behind your symptom with BodyIntuitive


Do you want to know the story behind your symptoms?

The first point is that we don’t need to understand how something works in order for it to work.  Consider your cell phone.  We seem to understand how we instantly receive texts, calls, and emails from people from the other side of the planet, yet most of us don’t know how the science works for this to occur, yet we know our cell phones connect us to the worlds wide web of humanity.

The way that BodyIntuitive can create long-lasting changes in our physical, emotional and spiritual health is to consider the effects of this work on our stress response.

There are two modes of the nervous system – the gas pedal stress mode, and the brakes of relaxation mode, we don’t drive the body simultaneously in both modes.  It’s an either/or phenomenon, and essentially a constant flicker between them.  Since it’s biologically not possible to heal or regenerate if our nervous system runs primarily in sympathetic stress mode, anything that shifts the bias toward the parasympathetic rest, digest, heal and repair state will promote healing- meditation, yoga, breathwork, massage or BodyIntuitive treatments, for example.

In BodyIntuitive, we use acupoint and other reset techniques to shift the nervous system our of its stress-mode dominance, identifying and diffusing stressors to create more ease and relaxation so the body can do what it’s naturally designed to do…heal itself!

Your beliefs and emotional states impact your body!

Bring your body back into balance so it can do

what it was designed to do – heal itself.

Decode the story behind your symptoms!